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Rules for Avoiding Violence

Rules for Avoiding Violence

Highlight the target and increase the difficulty of making an attack

1.   Try to walk in the middle of the pavement, avoid walking close to any vehicle or building on the roadside, don’t take shortcuts across parks, building sites or other remote places.   

2.   Don’t go out or go home at night alone. Go out with a companion. The period from 21:00 at night to 3:00 in the morning is a dangerous time.  

3.   If it is necessary to walk home at night due to work or study reasons you must take a whistle, siren and other noise emitting item with you to frighten possible attackers; or kick the a parked car in order to start the car alarm.  

4.   If a car stops and the someone asks for directions, keep a distance and avoid being forced into the car and carried away.

5.   Be very careful if the vehicle is a van or a car with darkened windows. Stay alert.

6.    Pay attention to who comes and goes in your building.  Notice if there are any strangers hanging around stair wells.  Cigarette butts are sometimes a giveaway for loiterers.  Stay alert.

7.   If an emergency occurs in remote place and someone asks for help, you should call 110, 119 or ask for help from nearby residents, do not go along to help.  Do not fall into this trap.

8.   Abide by the traffic rules, pay attention when driving a car. If you drive a motorcycle, you can wear clothes with long sleeves and put your hair into the helmet. Be aware that sometimes a car crash is a decoy for an attack.. If you drive alone, you should judge the situation. If there is something abnormal, firstly call the police and stay until they arrive.   

9.   Make sure that everything seems in order when you return home.. If find the door, window or lock damaged, don’t enter, call the police immediately.

10.   Try to not use a cell phone, walkman or MP3 when you are walking.  This reduces your available senses and makes you more vulnerable to attack., 

Reduce the possibility of crime

1.   If you find that you are being followed, speed up and walk into the crowd and even call your family and ask to be picked up by using a phone in the store or immediately walk into the nearest police station for help.

2.   You should park your car in the place nearest to your destination and under bright light, avoid leaving your personal documents and data inside the car, if stolen this could cause you problems. Before you get in the car, checkthat there is no one hiding. . Once inside your car, lock the door immediately.

 Notes on taking taxis

A.      Use a special taxi line car service for female safety 0800-055850 as much as possible. Each police station and police service contact station provides a safety car service.

B.      Be careful to select the car which has bright windows.  Check that the driver has a full license and is neatly dressed.

C.      If the driver is drunk, is untidy or simply looks strange, get out of the car.

D.      When you take a taxi alone, ask your friends, relatives, security guard in store, salesman or a policeman to record the car company, car number, driver license number and name of the driver before you get in.

E.      If find the driver doesn’t drive a designated route or something abnormal happens, you should immediately take action, pretend you have a friend waiting for you in the front store or across the road; or immediately get out of the car when it stops at a red light.

Reduce the possibility of crime


I.  The criminals of child sexual abuse can be either strangers or someone known to the victim... Parents and babysitters should pay attention to the daily behavior of the child. If something is abnormal, ask the child gently. 

II. How to recognize sexual abuse in children

1. Physiology

(1) Reproductive organsincluding pudendum, anus and urethraare damaged, hurt, bleeding or infected; Ruptured hymen or on inner sides of legs, it is red, swollen or bruised.

(2) Feel uncomfortable when walking, sitting or lying.


(1) Emotions are abnormal, e.g. fear, shrink back, assault, etc. 

(2) Behave abnormally to the opposite sex or certain people. Behave like that are in extreme fear and avoid being intimate.

(3) Try to hide parts of the reproductive organs.



Source fromChildren and Youth Crime Prevention Promotion Website, MORE Law Number-One Scholar, Ministry of Law