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Rules to prevent Violence

Rules to prevent Violence 

Remember the seven words when you encounter sexual harassment: calm, escape, delay, engage, assault, collect and report

  The whole meaning of these seven words is stay calm and think of ways to escape; pretend cooperation and try to deceive the attacker. Make your move at the right time, collect evidence and call the police on 110 or 113.

What to use if  you are attacked

01. You can use the goods that you haveon you to protect yourself or call for help, e.g. purse, leather belt, jacket, umbrella, pen, key, crutch, comb, high-heeled shoes, perfume, make-up and lipstick.

02. Use anything that is close by, e. g . stone, brick, wooden stick or a  tree branch.


Violence Prevention Safety Guidelines (SAFE)

If you accept the invitation of friends, you should follow the violence prevention safety guidelines (SAFE), think about safety measures in the order of the English letters shown below and adopt a prevention strategy for each level. The meaning of each English letter is to aim for safety, avoid danger, flee from disaster, deceive, details seen below:



Aim for safety

Upon appointment , safety should be given priority. Select a well-illuminated  public place. Safety is the basic requirement when accepting a date.


Avoid danger

If the location is improper or the other party behaves strangely when making the date, you should avoid having dinner or staying  alone with him.


Flee from disaster

It means you are in danger. You must consider how to flee from disaster, immediately leave  the abusive person who has a dangerous motivation.



If you can’t immediately flee from disaster, the final strategy of preventing violence is to deceive. You deceive the other by using a Fabian type policy or for other reasons. If you say you are not feeling well, have a disease, it may delay the abusing person and reduce the possibility of you suffering from the violence right away.

Source from Children and Youth Crime Prevention Promotion Website, MORE Law Number-One Scholar, Ministry of Law